Satel Control (c) is one of the major brand in the offer of integrated personal and vehicle security solutions for the prevention of risks linked to aggressions and to vehicle usage and ownership, such as theft, robbery, frauds and accidents at low and high speed manoeuvres.

Satel Control (c) is an implemeter of innovative fleet management programs and has direct operations in European, American, African and Asian markets .

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The new way, simple and safe, to be linked with your beloveds, is a real electronic sentinel that safeguards your beloveds from any possible threat.
You can easily bring it with you since is so small and light. Will alert you with an SMS only when needed and, even more important, the guardian will not need the intervention of anybody.
As an option a Control Centre will take care to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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The most cost effective solution to monitor online your assets without any map constraints and with a full and complete map coverage. By equipping new generation GPS and GPRS , SC-car&truck will inform you about vehicle speed , status and exact position directly from the web. You can be notified on assets activities daily , weekly or monthly by mail reports. You can query the system about previous month activities.

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Having the same features as
SC-car&truck, is also provided with small size, waterproof with internal antennas unit; suitable for two wheels vehicles. Easy to install safe as no other.

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The ultimate solution for installations without external power supply.
This unit will allow monitoring your assets through months by detecting movements and transmitting only when needed.

Online new version

See a demo online or access directly to control your assets!

Demo username and password gpd1.

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